Vastu Tips

The domain dealing with Vastu Shastra is indeed extensive and it is not possible to include all of it within this limited scope. The only point that needs to be remembered is that, while you are setting up the home certain Vastu tips needs to be implemented in the process.

Here are some of the essential vastu tips for home and office that will really help you to make a peaceful living!

  • A plot with all corners 90 degrees having two sides’ road front and back is a good plot.
  • Construct your house in such way it admits bright light into the main doorway
  • The maximum construction should be done in South, West and southwest portion of the plot.
  • The open space left in North and east should be more than South and West.
  • It is really advisable to allow 5 doors of a maximum opening
  • Ensure that your house is good with right air circulation and water source
  • It is good to set your windows opened towards out face
  • The room for worship in the house should be airy and spacious. It is better if the flooring is made of marble. Cleanliness should always be maintained. The latrines should never be adjacent to the worship room.
  • Marble is considered as a holy stone and so it should always be kept clean. Care should be taken that stuff like leather shoes should never be scattered here and there on a marble floor. It is better not to have the flooring of the bedroom, the bathroom and the latrine made of marble.
  • The furniture must be arranged in a square, a circle, or an octagon.
  • It is not advisable to keep the doors of the bathroom and the toilets open.
  • It is better to enable the wind coming from the southwest direction enter the bedroom.
  • Don’t keep any water feature, plant and even the Television in the bedroom.
  • It is not at all good to keep a mirror in the kitchen. Never keep a mop or a broom at any visible part of the room, not even in the kitchen.
  • The dining room should never face the front door of the house.
  • It is also not a right way to keep some prickly plants and cactuses in one’s house.
  • There should be a bright light at the main entrance of the house and all the corners of the house should be brightened up with adequate lighting.
  • In the office, one must always sit facing the main door, the computer should be placed at the right side of the person and it will be nice to hang a picture of the mountains behind you in the office.
  • The living room wall should have a happy family picture on it.